Online bingo has quickly overtaken the standard live bingo games as the most popular way to play the game out there.  This stands especially for European players, who can get action on bingo games all around the clock.  Some of the best online bingo sites will run games throughout the day, and also run special games on specific days of the week, and on certain hours of that day.  The idea behind online bingo is that players will buy-in to a game on a specific room, and you will be matched up against every other player in the room.  Your job from there is to create bingo by filling your board with whichever design that the specific game asks for.  Once you win the game you are rewarded the prize, and it will automatically be credited into your online bingo account!

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There are quite a few different things to search for in an online bingo room if you are a European bingo player.  The first thing that you will notice is that there are quite a few bingo rooms available to you out there.  It can be very tough to choose an online bingo room, which is why we are going to point out what to look for when making your final decision.  We are also going to give you a few tips and suggestions as to how to manage your bankroll while playing online bingo, and also what size games to buy-in to depending on the size of your bankroll.


With anything gambling related online, you can find that you will be offered a nice bonus for signing up with one site against another.  This is especially true when it comes to online bingo.  What is interesting about online bingo bonuses though, is that there are many different bonus options that sites have to give you.  The main two are the match bonuses, and the free bingo bonuses.  The match bonuses at European bingo sites work similar to online poker bonuses do, as they will match your deposit to a certain percentage, whether it be 10% or anything up to 500% sometimes.  These bonuses are credited in different ways by each site.  As far as free bingo bonuses go, these are bonuses that are credited into your account as soon as you make your initial deposit onto the bingo site.  Both bonuses will have many perks with them, but you do have to make a decision as to which bonus you like more!  For example, match bonuses will typically give you more money, while free bingo bonuses are smaller, but will credit instantly into your account in most cases.

Size of Games

Size of games in online bingo are always important, mainly because you do not want to play at a room that has too many players in every game, but you also do not want to play in a room that has too few players in each game.  You are matched up against every other player in the room, so it is important to put yourself in a good position to have a chance to win the game, but also to have a site that will have enough traffic to build the prize pools!

Tips and Strategy

The first thing is that most of the buy-in sizes that you choose to do, will depend largely on how much you have on the site.  You should play smaller limit games if you have a low bankroll and are a recreational player; while on the other hand you can play the larger buy-in games if your bankroll will allow that, and also if you feel comfortable doing so.  As far as managing your bankroll goes, simply be sure to avoid going on “bingo tilt”, and playing in games that will use a large percentage of your bankroll.  You go through quite a few swings in online bingo, so just be prepared for the swings, and keep your bankroll prepared as well.

Online bingo is a great option for everyone out there, as it gives European bingo players an opportunity to play the game they love from the comfort of their own homes.  You can find games much more often than at a standard live bingo game, and they offer some excellent prize pools as well.  So look through the top online bingo rooms out there, and find the one that you enjoy the most!